Comb Cash

Comb Cash

Comb Cash refers to SMS bundles that are exclusively purchased for SMS’s that are used on the MKII web-based system, for communication via SMS to resident cellular numbers listed on the web platform.

This type of SMS’s cannot be used on the intercom and therefore it can not be used for Tap-Tap entries.

To calculate the size of the bundle required, please note that the current SMS cost is 37 cent per tier-one SMS.

A complex can order Comb Cash ( “Comb SMS’s”) by sending an order to [email protected].

Bundles are available in the following sizes:

Kindly note that the following details should reflect on the e-mail order:
Complex Name (for invoicing purposes)
Comb account number, and
Bundle amount as stipulated above.

On receipt of the e-mail order, an invoice will be generated. Please send proof of payment to [email protected] for the voucher to be loaded.

Should you have any enquiries in this regard, please contact our Debtors department on 011 089 5800 (option 3).

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