Tap-Tap 2

Tap for Access and Control

When it comes to managing an access controlled environment, the ability to allow temporary access PINs for guests of an estate, business park or organisation can largely ease and automate traffic around access points.

Requesting both entry and exit temporary access PINs via SMS and communicating these to the prospective visitors, means the visitors can enter these TAP’s via a remote wired keypad or on the Intercom itself. The entire mechanism is secure and provides an audit trail via Comb Portal.

Furthermore the temporary pins can be obtained by residents using only an SMS from anywhere, therefore no internet is required.

Supply voltage 12V – 24V AC/DC
Current 32mA (standby) – 180mA (max)
Operating temperature -20oC to +60oC
Size 132mm x 80mm x 38mm
Housing material  Polycarbonate 
Degree of protection   IP55 
Colour  Black

Integrate with Comb Portal 

A single comprehensive web based facilities management platform, that integrates with our bespoke hardware and software offerings (*Combware) along with a myriad 3rd party products tailored to suit every access managed eco-system, Comb Portal is undeniably the class leading facility management system. From secure log-in to informative dashboards and the ability to customise to your own requirements. The intuitive navigation allows you to drill down on any queries related to specific hardware with exception based reporting. Pull reports, invite users and update information with ease. Read More…

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