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2G/3G Network cut off – 2024

Telecom networks worldwide will be phasing out their 2G and 3G networks to make way for more advanced technologies. As a forward-thinking company, we have proactively anticipated this industry transition and have already shifted our focus towards LTE (4G) networks. The majority of our devices now operate on LTE technology, ensuring a seamless and enhanced communication experience. 

While our modern devices are already optimized for LTE networks, we understand that some of our clients may still have legacy products in the field that rely on 2G or 3G connectivity. The last five years the majority of our systems sold is LTE devices and will not be affected. We want to assure you that we have plans in place to address this situation and minimize any disruption to your operations. 

2G estimated cut off date:  31 May 2024 

3G estimated cut off date:  31 December 2024 

Our products: 

*Only MKII Lite systems with WP85 modems will be affected. You can view the modem type for your system on Comb Portal under the devices Tab. 

While these devices have served you well over the years, it is crucial to note that they will require upgrades within the next two years to ensure uninterrupted communication. 

Comb Communications remains dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions and staying ahead of industry changes. We sincerely appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we work together to embrace the future of communication technology. 

Thank you for your continued trust in Comb Communications. We look forward to serving you with upgraded devices that will meet your evolving communication requirements. 

For more information you can contact us here: 

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