From pioneering the use of ground breaking technology in the market place to a track record spanning over ten years and more than a million gate openings daily, Comb Communications has grown into a business that is leading the way into the future of integrated systems and web service platforms.

Our footprint in the market, local and international is testament to the success of our technologies and the research and development focus of the business will continue to deliver state-of-the-art offerings that set the benchmark in the industries of the future. All whilst leveraging “The internet of things” and making your life easier with more intuitive technology.

“We provide smart access control solutions and intuitive management thereof through current technologies and web-based applications, along with the backing of a design focused development house.”

The functional products we manufacture are seamlessly integrated with design-focused web-based platforms that provide you the power to control any form of access. This is the culmination of our ethos if innovation, incubation, acceleration and integration – all aimed at giving you Access and Control.

What sets us apart is the ability to leverage best-of-breed, existing technologies alongside our own groundbreaking developments, with a team of dedicated and experienced professionals, which ensures success not only with every implementation, but provides you peace-of-mind that you truly have the solution suited to your requirements, whatever the demand.

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